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28th November
written by Arthur

T-Day 2013

15th November
written by Arthur

City SubsDespite having relearned the lesson over and over again through out my life, I sometimes forget that the simplest things can make me profoundly happy. This last Saturday, I was reminded of the simple joy of a well executed sub sandwich. I was relaxing on the couch with Carly and taking in some early afternoon college football when the topic of subs some how came-up. In particular, the topic of City Sub: they are awesome (so I was told) and I had never had one. After this news, I spent the better part of the second quarter of the game ruminating on sandwiches. A half-time walk in the fall air brought me to the doors of the lauded establishment.

The line from the counter to the door was the first sign that I had not been led astray. Patrons waited patiently for their chance to order as a team of two efficiently sliced meats and cheese, toasted buns, assembled sandwiches, and took new orders. The wait allowed me to contemplate my tempting options–the list of pre-set subs are posted on the walls and spiral into low thirties. And there are the choices of tomato, paper thing onions, pickles, olives, sweet or hot peppers, spreads and oils to add. So many delicious options.

City Sub

And it was good. Making a choice was not easy, but in the end I selected ham and salami with provolone (untoasted) while Carly chose smoked turkey and smoked ham with smoked gouda. Back in front of the game, the bread played a rock star role in every bite of our mammoth subs.  Not just a vessel for holding meats and veggies City Sub’s bread adds texture and a bit of flavor as a good sub bread should. I preferred my untoasted bread, but could see the appeal in a melted sandwich. The veggies are sliced thin to maximize surface area and flavor.

In a city packed full of sandwiches shops, City Subs operates in the upper echelon. I can’t wait for a return trip to this fine Brooklyn staple.