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24th August
written by Arthur

Saveé Sea - Pinot Noir 2009

Yesterday, Nick texted me to let me know that he was planning on  cooking a great dinner (pork chops with a peach salsa, mashed potatoes, and corn on the cob).  I had one job, grab a bottle of wine.

I went to the store fully intending to ask someone for help.  (Wine pairing is not my strong suit.)  But some where on the way I got fixated on the idea of a pinot noir.  And while in the store this particular wine called out to me.  Maybe it was the palm tree on the bottle, creating images of a Hawaiian lohou, making think it could go well with pork and peach.  Or maybe it was that this boozy grape juice hails from New Zealand and I don’t think that I’ve had a pinot from New Zealand before.

So how was the wine?

I really liked it.  The color was a rusty red.  It had a very fruit forward nose (in other words it smelled like fruit).  I think that Nick’s girlfriend, Becca, perfectly summed up the flavor: fruit basket.  I got some plum and pineapple.  But it wasn’t overly sweet–the essence of fruit with out all the sweetness.  The fruit flavors faded a lot after a few bites of buttery corn and mashed potatoes but the wine remained very enjoyable.  All-in-all: it was good with dinner and it would be nice to have a glass on it’s own.

Price: $15.99 at Slope Cellars (a bit more than I usually spend, but I’ve been really good and brought my lunch this week and made my own coffee in the mornings).