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24th October
written by Arthur

This was a very fall weekend, a corn maze, Coney Island fright night, apple cider, pumpkin picking, pumpkin carving, and roasting the seeds from those pumpkins.

This recipe showed-up on my Twitter feed last week, courtesy of, and is in 140 characters or less: “Cinnamon-Sugar Pumpkin Seeds: Mix 2c pumpkinseeds/2t vegoil. Roast in single layer 375°F 10-15m. Toss w/2T sugar/¼t groundcinnamon.”

I was working with the seeds from four pumpkins, so I had more than the prescribed two cups.  It’s fine problem to have;  just toss all the seeds the with a reasonable amount of oil (just a light coating), place one  layer on a baking sheet, bake, and repeat until all the seeds are used.

A bonus of having a few batches was the chance to experiment with flavors.  The standard cinnamon sugar was good, but was also great kicked-up with just  a little nutmeg.  Going a little crazy, I tried making some curry pumpkins seeds.  The concept seemed solid, the flavor combination worked, but I went more than a little to over the top with the curry powder–next year I’ll get it right.

I have fond childhood memories of my parents baking the seeds when my family carved pumpkins.  This easy recipe was great way to  reach back to Halloweens past.