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August 18th,
written by Arthur

The Country Club

The Bushwick Country Club is Classy. That’s right: “classy” with a capital C.

For those you of you unfamiliar with Bushwick, it’s a Brooklyn neighborhood southeast of hipster Williamsburg. Bushwick is famous for a lot of things, with safety and high incomes probably rounding out the bottom of the list. Still, the Bushwick Country Club name doesn’t disappoint.

True to its name, the Bushwick Country Club even has a small golf course—a miniature golf course if you will. The mini-golf course is complete with a windmill made out of old PBR cans! As you might guess from the PBR cans, this fine establishment is near the Williamsburg border.

But the fun doesn’t stop with the golf. Specials drinks included two slushie machines, one always filled with Jim Beam & Coke slushies and one currently pumping out homemade Sweet Tea Vodka slushies.


The Pickle Back

The Pickle Back

The real novel drink at the Bushwick Country Club  is the Pickle Back: a PBR tall boy, a shot of whiskey, and a shot of garlicky pickle brine. It sounds disgusting, at first, but that’s only before you realize the secret. You don’t shoot the whiskey and brine; they need to be sipped with the beer. If you like pickles and salty things, you’ll love this combination.

(I know, I know. In my Dale’s Ale post I knocked PBR, but sometimes glorified mineral water is the right beer—the Pickle Back is one of those times.)

After trying the Pickle Back at the Country Club, I decided it was time to make it at home. Tall boy PBRs are cheap enough and they give you rail whiskey at the Country Club, so no need to spend the big bucks on the brown for the home version. For the pickle brine you can buy a jar of pickles. Or just ask if you can get some at the deli counter – my local grocery store was happy to give me a bunch for free (it turns out they just throw it out anyway)!

However you get your hands on it, this unique drink is a must try.


The Bushwick Country Club
618 Grand Street (between Leonard & Lorimer)
New York, NY 11211
(718) 388-2114

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  1. Loren

    How dare you sir!? Mineral water status is reserved for miller lite, bud lite and all the other near beers!

  2. Arthur

    Surely you don’t consider PBR a full fledged beer, with all the rights and privileges thereof?

  3. Loren

    Perhaps it doesn’t stand up to the standards of the more high class brews I enjoy, but I think theres a place for it. Its not light beer, and its not nearly as distasteful as something like beast. I place it right around the likes of Grainbelt Premium and Leine’s original. All fine domestics in my estimation.

  4. Arthur

    In the end I think I agree with you, I know I miss the Premium out here. It just seems like PBR gets more credit than it deserves. I don’t remember if it’s true or not in MN, but at the bars here it is usually priced well above it’s value.

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