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October 13th,
written by Arthur


As anyone who knows me can tell you, when given the choice of savory or sweet I almost always yield to the siren call of savory.  I have, on more than one occasion, enjoyed oysters, foie gras, or french fries as my dinner companions muddle their way through somethin’ sweet.  Still from, time to time, I run across a honeyed creation that peaks my attention.

I picked-up this Chua chocolate bar as a I grabbed a few Friday treats for the office.  Only on my first bite did I realize awesomeness of the fun little gem I stumbled across.

This guy clocks in with 60% cacao (the stuff that gives dark chocolate its great bitter flavor)  I recommend holding a small piece in your mouth an letting it melt.  At first the flavor is mild.  But as the melting starts you get a wave of cacao, then you feel a warmth and get a little smoke from the chipotle, all the while the salt lends a savory depth.    AND THEN THE FUN STARTS.  Suddenly you feel the little prickles on your tongue and soon the feeling fills your mouth and the popping sound fills you head.  I was a little kid, visiting my grandparents, and eating poprocks for the first time.

Whether you’re a chocolate snob or high end chocolate bar skeptic, this bar is a must try.




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