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November 6th,
written by Arthur

Sure, the temperature was hovering in the low 40s or high 30s, but Fayaz and I are Minnesotans, and knew it was perfect grilling weather.  And a fine beer is perfect match for the grilling prep work.  I’ve been meaning to try the Brooklyn Local One since I learned of its existence on a Brooklyn Brewery Tour a few years back.   After sampling more than my share of Brooklyn’s standard brews, I’ve learned to trust what they do.

The Details:

The Brooklyn Local One is in the Belgian Strong Pale Ale style packing a 9% ABV.  Part of Brooklyn Brewery’s process is an in bottle fermentation–similar to the method used to give champagne its sparkle.

Appearance: A bright, but cloudy, yellow gold with a solid head.

Smell:  A very weak nose, just mild yeast.

Taste:  Strong yeast and some malt flavor.  A bitterness balance with with an almost nutty savoriness and light honey—a little sweet but strong on whatever the non-sweet flavor of honey is.  The finish was short, savory, and yeasty.

Mouth:  Well carbonated with small velvety bubbles.

Overall:  A great freak’n beer at a reasonable price.  I could see this guy pairing well with a little spice, a savory cheese, or a salty game day snack.

Next up: the Brooklyn Local Two.



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