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February 2nd,
written by Arthur

One of the things I miss most about living in Minnesota is my regular dinners with Mike and Fayaz. Every two to four weeks, for about three years before I moved to New York, Mike, Fayaz, and I would spend a weekend night cooking and eating elaborate meals.  After eating, we’d often retire to Mike’s outdoor hot tub for scotch and cigars.

On my recent trip to Minnesota for my sister and her new husband’s open house I was finally able to get in another amazing dinner with Mike.

Being in a health conscious mind set, we abandoned our fatty four legged friends and we set out for a sea food meal.  Mike took charge of the entree planing.  Starting with the idea of seafood, Mike reached an amazing creation:  crab and shrimp stuffing wrapped in delicious walleye.  Mike cooked the the shrimp with a moderate amount of butter (okay, the healthy angle was more in thought than practice) mixed in some bread crumbs, some chicken stock, and the crab.  The oceanic stuffing was placed into mounds on a baking sheet and wrapped the in beautiful fillets of walleye.  While these baked I blanched a little bok choy, seasoned a little soy sauce which I cooked down for a little sauce for the veggies.  In the final minutes of baking, Mike knocked out a little quinoa.

The result?  Amazing and decadent–as almost every meal Mike and I have made together.  All with my favorite accompaniment of all: good conversation.  Conversation with an old friend and a new.  This–with Mike and a number of  others–is what I miss most from Minnesota.


As you may have noticed, my prodigious posting of 2011 has faded.  The good news is, after passing the New York bar, I am gainfully employed.  Unfortunately, work manages to occupy nearly all my waking hours.  (Increasingly even those of the weekend.)  The job is great, but it leaves me with little time for culinary activities and even less for writing about it.  The flood may be receding slightly and I hope February will yield most posts.


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