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June 15th,
written by Loren

So, I figured out why all of my phone pictures were turning out so, so incredibly terrible. Some genius at Samsung made the default picture size 640×480. So, even though my phone has a 5 megapixel camera, it was taking .3 megapixel pictures. Awesome.

Well, now that I figured that out, I can take MUCH better pictures when I don’t neccesarily have my digital camera with me. Like maybe when there is a special chef’s exhibition table in the cafe at work. Case in point:

THAT, my friends, is a grilled skirt steak, rubbed with Ancho chili and cocoa powder, on top of a sweetcorn griddle cake, topped with a shrimp-avacado salsa. It was amazing, and it was $6. I love where I work.

That is also clearly a much, much better picture than the one of the venison tenderloin you can see in the post below. And if you click on the picture to see the full version, you can really tell the difference. Its like I’m living in the future or something!

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