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October 10th,
written by Arthur

I love a good cook.  A well contemplated meal to share with friends made over hours.  But on a weeknight, after a long day, I sometimes can’t just make it happen.  And, despite having roomies, I often find myself cooking for one at 9 o’clock in the evening.  And I end-up eating some wacky dinners.

Tonight, my roomies ordered Thai.  But, in the name of frugality and trying to reduce my weeknight dinner sizes, I was bent on making my own a meal.  With my mind sluggish from a day of learning my new job, I wandered Union Market after running a few errands.  After five minutes I still couldn’t form a meal.  I decided to keep it simple and roll with an old favorite: eggs and black beans.

Back when I dated Meg, and right before I started this blog, we did a month challenge of a $30 a week food budget (#missedblogpost).  One of our cheap meals was black beans, rice, and diced tomatoes (canned or fresh).  I now often add an egg for a quick savory breakfast.

Tonight, I wasn’t ready make rice.  I only had brown rice with an hour cook time.  I was too hungry to wait.  And, well, to be honest, I don’t like making rice (it’s the folding laundry of kitchen work).  So I decided to forgo the starch.

I mixed a medium can of black beans and a small can of tomatoes in a pot.  As the beans and tomatoes heated I cooked two sunny side up eggs.  In under 10 minutes I had my bastardized breakfast/dinner.  Mmmmm…. I’m satisfied with my crazy mid-week dinner.

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