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November 3rd,
written by Arthur

This morning, as I was eating a simple little breakfast at home, I heard a great little song:  Memphis Minnie – Keep on Eat’n.  It’s a classic female blues artist singing about feeding her man.

It’s a bit hard to find online, but I wanted to drop a post on it to keep it on my radar.  If you like blues, add this little ditty to a cooking or dinner play list.


On another note, I’m out of excuses when it comes to my lack of posts over the last few weeks.  Any excuses I had have been erased by hurricane Sandy.  Despite the trouble in much of the region, my little corner of Brooklyn was safe and sound with power, water, and internet.  The storm just lulled me into minimal productivity.

As the weekend starts, and power is being restored to Manhattan, I’m getting back to the key board.  There are two posts I’ve been struggling with for months on two of my favorite spots.  Fingers crossed on finally being able to get the words out.



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