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26th August
written by Arthur

Canada is probably one of the last places that come to mind of when you think of culinary achievements and contributions. But sometimes our instincts are wrong. While apartment hunting in Park Slope Brooklyn, I ran across Corner Burger, a restaurant with a large sign in the window advertising poutine. Having seen poutine (pronounced PUT-SIN in its native Quebec French) on some food television show, I had to try this potentially delicious dish.

The sign in the window made poutine sound like a meal that just can’t go wrong: a layer of French Fries (I love fries), topped with fresh cheese curds (I’m from the Midwest so I can’t say no to cheese), smothered in gravy (goes great with pretty much anything savory).

Unfortunately, the reality of Corner Burger’s poutine didn’t live up to its potential. The poutine just didn’t have that level of decadence that seemed so promising. The main problem was the gravy—thin and runny, it settled on the bottom instead of coating the cheese curds and fries. Something was also not right with the cheese curds. Not being a poutine connoisseur, I can’t say for sure, but it seemed the cheese curds should have melted some. There are probably some crazy health code requirements about storing the cheese curds in a refrigerator, which means that the hot French fries only make them warm, not melty.

In addition to the standard poutine, Corner Burger offers additional intriguing toppings such as pulled pork and barbecue sauce. Since I am now going to be living in the neighborhood, I may have to make a return trip to try one of the variety of toppings or one of the great-looking burgers.


Corner Burger
381 5th Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11215
(718) 360-4622