Who Is Arthur?

written by Arthur

I’m a Minnesota boy living in New York.

I’m passionate, but  by no means a culinary expert.  Outside of a few Italian cooking classes, I have no formal training.  My love for cooking and food started early in high school when I first found the show Iron Chef.  Starting to cook at home at an early age, without really knowing what I was doing, helped give me no fear of failure.

Over the years, my palate has come to enjoy the simple, the humble, the extravagant, the odd, and the intricate.

I almost always find food to be about much more than the food.  It’s the whole package.  An experience.  A lifestyle.  And that eating, cooking, and living is best done with friends.  These are my adventures in eating, cooking, and living.

Contact me at Arthur@EatCookLive.com