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23rd April
written by Arthur

Last year, I discovered the wonder that is the Wafels & Dinges food truck.  Since my first visit, I’ve made several returns and sampled a range sweet delights.  However, I always kept my eye on the BBQ pork waffle.  Until last Friday, my timing never seemed to able to match-up with lunch.

With a pile of pork and a pile coleslaw sitting on the waffle, the move to a savory treat looked great.  But the flavor and texture fell short.  As I ate, I realized there was an underlying candy sugariness.  The sweetness emanated not just from the waffle but from the Kool aid pickles and the sauce on the pork.   The pork itself was lackluster and fairly flavorless.  My usually iron clad stomach was actually unsettled by the end of it all.

Though I may mark Wafels & Dinges’s attempt at savory down in the L column, I have no doubt I will be headed back again, and often, to try their amazing sweet offerings of wafels, dinges, and ice cream.



15th November
written by Arthur

Today, I attempted to make a return to the Waffle Truck to satisfy my lunch time craving for a BBQ pork waffle. Unfortunately, the truck was no where to be found at its Tuesday location.  A quick twitter check revealed that the truck was stuck in the repair shop for a few hours.  Luckily the streets of New York are swarming with food trucks.  A few blocks later and I was standing in front of the Schnitzel and Things.

Perhaps not surprisingly, Schnitzel and Things offers up schnitzel… and things.  They actually have four different kinds of schnitzel and a bratwurst.   You can take the schnitzel down in either sandwich or platter form.  If you opt for the platter you can pick two items from a long tasty list of things (aka sides).  In case your not sure what schnitzel is: it’s piece of meat, pounded thin, breaded, and fried–so good!  Oh, and I almost forgot, the truck offers up an amazing array of condiments, including Spicy Sriracha Mayo and Ginger Scallion & Garlic Relish.

I went for the pork schnitzel, with fries, and sauerkraut with the sriracha mayo.  It was a heaping amount of fried deliciousness.  It was a little to heavy for lunch, actually it was just missing a beer, but I’ve just grazed the surface of this menu and will need to make a return trip.

29th October
written by Arthur

I can’t believe this my second sweet post in two weeks, but this is another great sweet treat.

I’d heard of the waffle truck (aka Wafels & Dinges), even seen it parked at the farmers market, but never thought about stopping in.  But it was a Tuesday afternoon, I had writers’ block, and I was staring down a half written corporate policy.  When a coworker told me there were bacon waffles to be had I knew I had to check the place out.

On the walk over to the cart, I got a rundown on the menu.  The bacon waffle is a relatively new addition and has bacon actually integrated into it.  The deluxe waffle is called Da Throwdown and it packs spekuloos (a paste that is some kind of cross between a cookie and caramel) and whipped cream.  It was added to the menu after the Wafels & Dinges beat celebrity chef, and asshole,  Bobby Flay on his show, the Throwdown.  You can choose to top your waffle with ice cream and/or scale everything back to an afternoon snack sized mini-waffle.  The ice cream flavors rotate, and on this trip there was beer & honey (yeah, that’s right, beer ice cream!) and some kind of strawberry swirl  something that I stopped remembering after I heard about beer ice cream.

I was glad the plan involved sharing.  I ordered Da Throwdown and my co-worker got the bacon waffle with the beer & honey ice cream.

I had never had, or ever heard of, spekuloos.  But it was a great waffle topping that seemed to add both sweet and savory flavors.  And I normally don’t much care for whipped cream, it’s usually just some flavorless (but high caloric) foam that you have to get past to find whatever is underneath.  This whipped cream was different.  It was thick and rich.  The waffle itself walked a perfect line between substantial and heavy.  I don’t know what Bobby Flay made, but this concoction would be hard to beat.

And there was the bacon waffle which followed the universal law that bacon makes everything better. The beer ice creams was also a winner.  The flavor was mild and overpowered when eaten with the bacon waffle.  On it’s own, it  had a light yeast flavor that that reminded me of a saison.  In all, the ice cream was fantastic on it’s own, but not much when paired with the waffle.

As we were waiting for our orders, something else on the menu caught my attention: a BBQ pulled pork waffle.  Rumor is that the truck is around the office every Tuesday.  I think I know what’s going to be on the lunch menu.