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1st April
written by Arthur

I know what you’re thinking: how can I trust a place run by Australians?  Aren’t they are a bunch of untrustworthy criminals?  Well, don’t worry, DUB’s has the mellowing influence of New Zealanders to help you feel safe walking through their doors.  Try this Park Slope gem.

A few months ago, while sitting at the Double Windsor, I looked across the street and saw DUB Pies.  A little internet research revealed that DUB’s puts out the savory, rather than sweet variety, of baked treats.  As a Minnesota boy, I’ve never really had a savory pie–at least aside from the chicken pot variety.

After several visits, I can now safely say that those folks down under know what’s going on when it comes to making a pie that’s a meal rather than a desert and DUB’s has found its way into my weekend breakfast/brunch rotation.

The prices at DUB’s seem a bit steep at first at around $6 or $7 for personal sized pie (or $3 for a mini pie).  But a pie and coffee hits the wallet more lightly than a more traditional sit-down brunch and it leaves you plenty full for the day.

I’m a particular fan of the Steak Pie–filled with chucks of meat and a fantastic onion gravy–or the Mince Pie (ground beef).  Like bacon, gravy is always a winner.  These guys are filling, but small enough to avoid the food coma.

By weekend midday, the selection of pies can be touch and go.  As a result, I’ve tried some far less traditional fillings, such as chili or Thai chicken.  (I loved the chili. The Thai chicken was good, but not great, with a bit of hot sauce.)  I was only somewhat underwhelmed by the egg and cheese pie, though it was less a failing by DUB’s and more a personal unease with so much egg.  As a warning, the seating is limited, about six chairs, so go prepared to take your pies home when necessary.

If only DUB’s served-up great beer, as well as great coffee, it might win a place in the dinner rotation.