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March 12th,
written by Arthur

Today Meg and I braved Times Square to hit the new Pompeii exhibit.  One of the exhibit’s areas was a display of the kitchen tools and actual food found at Pompeii.  Between the 2000 year old bread and the ancient cooking instruments was a sign that talked about common eats in the region and era.  The most interesting menu item: dormice.

Yep, those crazy Romans would take a dormouse, put it in a clay jar, fatten him up, and eat him.  Eaten as appetizers, or as desserts, dipped in honey and poppy seeds, dormice were considered a luxury.  I’ve always been a fan of savory over sweet but I’m not sure that I’m ready for this on my desert plate.  (Okay, that’s a total lie, if I found this on a menu I would have no choice but to order it.  You know how I love savory desserts.)


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