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August 25th,
written by Arthur

Asiago Stella

Ah cheese.  It’s been way to long since I wrote about a new cheese.  On my train ride home today I decided to change that.

My main goal was to find something I could put on a salad.  I stopped by Union Market and scanned maybe 10 varieties of  blue… not what I was in the mood for tonight.  Then I found something that I hadn’t seen before:  Asiago Stella.  (Well I’ve seen Asiago cheese, but it was always hard as rock or dust, not like the softer, moist looking block before me.)  I wasn’t sure about it, but, when I realized that it was about half the price of most of the others, I decided I had to give it a try.

It actual turned out to not be great for eating on its own–a little bit dense and a little mild.  But it was prefect on the salad.   It has a some what savory nutty flavor and when cut into about quarter inch cube it add a nice dimension of flavor to a salad with some amazing little heirloom tomatoes, some cucumber, and a bit of carrot (all from a co-worker’s CSA).


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