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October 12th,
written by Arthur

Today I finally made it out of the office before 7:30 and naturally made a beeline for the cheese aisle at Union Market. (Okay, so I stopped by to pick up the makings of dinner, but I couldn’t keep myself away from the cheese.)

After a few minutes of browsing I found my self holding a little bundle labeled Kunik and described as a “white mold-ripened cheese made from goats milk with Jersey cream.”  Never heard of Kunik?  Neither had I.  Apparently it’s a triple crème cheese hailing from Nettle Meadow (a New York farm and cheese maker that often shows up on the shelves at Union Market).  It’s a soft cheese, like a brei, to which I’ll mostly be comparing.

The first thing I noticed as I cut in was it’s thick, but relatively soft, rind.   The creamy inside is thick and holds it’s form well after being cut.

The flavor is rich and creamy–much more so than a brie.  There is background flavor of goat cheese in there somewhere, but I don’t think that I would have been able to identify it if I didn’t have advanced notice of its addition.   While delicious, the cheese is heavy and hard to eat much of at once, perhaps making it an ideal addition to a cheese plate for several people.




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