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October 15th,
written by Arthur

Tragically, I have no clever backstory for this cheese.  Fayaz just showed-up with it one night after making a Union Market stop on his way home.  The cheese itself will have to be story enough.

Saint Nectaire is a semi-soft cheese made from cow’s milk in the Auvergne region of France.

This particular cheese had a medium sized and soft rind. The flavor was medium to light, savory, and creamy.  The savory flavor took on a nutty (maybe almond) flavor.

All-in-all a solid cheese that might pair well with a beer.



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  1. Meg

    Nice to see you checking out cheeses once more.
    Swing by Beecher’s Cheese by the Flatiron Building. One of my new favorite spots. (Especially recommend: Mt. Tam, Seastack, and the one with pepper flakes and garlic in it. Also, they have fresh cheese curds, which I know you like.)

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