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27th May
written by Arthur

Even here on the East Coast, I’ve heard rumors of the wonders of In and Out Burger.  Some have dared to say it rivals Shake Shack, a New York burger institution which I’ve enjoyed but never drank the kool aid for.  So I knew that I would have to get in at least one good eat at this famous chain.

The menu on the wall is bare bones basic, burgers, cheese burgers, fries, etc.  But the standard menu is augmented by the not so secret menu (available at the company’s website).  The options expand from there with additional secret menus to be discovered.

There are many others who have explored and written far more on In and Out Burger and its secrets than I intend, the options are seemingly endless.  This is my hit and run experience.

I actually managed to do my heart right and hit this place twice on the trip. The first go with Matt was an impulsive stop on the way to take down a full deep dish pizza.  I wanted to keep things simple, so I just got a cheeseburger animal style (lettuce, tomato, a mustard cooked beef patty, pickle, and thousand island spread with grilled onions), fries, and a soda.  It was good, but the burger seemed to get lost in all those toppings.  So when Nick, Becca, and I stopped at the In and Out at the airport on our way out of town I got a 2×2 (two patties and two cheeses) animal style but with no lettuce.  With the double meat, foregoing the lettuce seemed unnecessary as the right-sized beef could hold up to the layers of extras.

In all, this place is awesome.  Despite the rumors of a planned New York opening, I just don’t know if this place could survive in this city.  It wasn’t just a tasty burgers, the place is unbelievably clean and the folks working there didn’t seem crushed by life and working a job they hate.  They smiled.  They actually gave shit!  Things that would break the laws of fast food physics in New York.  Though if its arrival does materialize, my waistline and cholesterol levels are in danger. Tasty, tasty danger.