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28th May
written by Arthur

Maybe, God forbid, the place was what it appeared to be–a melange of Okies and thieves and bewildered Jíbaros.

~Hunter S. Thompson, The Rum Diary

Despite an amazing time at the wedding, enjoying the unending vacation weather, finding good food and drink, and the pleasant disposition of people, something about the city seemed off.  I can’t judge based on this 72 hour jaunt, but something rubbed me the wrong way.  It seemed like a shiny new sprawling suburb.  A clean surface with an untrustworthy or vacant interior.  Though, perhaps, I could seen hints of what people love about the city.  It is clean, healthy, with weather that allows you to love the outdoors.  Maybe it’s, as I began to contemplate on my return to New York, me or my life that’s a melange overdue for resorting and re-evaluation.